Oil Of Silver

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The Oil of Silver is associated with the planetary energies of the Moon as well as the brow chakra. This center is considered to be where the spiritually realized individual is seated and rules the body from the “throne” between the eyebrows. High levels of consciousness and awareness are associated with this area. The sanskrit name meaning “to know” refers to aspects of intuition and other means of direct knowledge through intuitive understanding which bypass the ordinary senses.

Physically, this center is associated with the Brain, but more specifically to the Pituitary Gland. The Moon is often affiliated with water, which is symbolic for the fluid like nature of the sub-conscious. Noting this connection to water makes it easy to see how Silver relates to Tin whose element is water. It is known that hormonal secretions of the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland are directly related to sexual maturation and reproduction in the body, once again linking Silver to the energies of Tin. Being in close proximity to the hypothalamus, the energies of Silver are also seen to affect the rhythm and timing of the body, or what is known as your circadian rhythm. Sight and vision are also closely associated with Silver and vision correction can be attributed to the physical properties of this oil. When physical vision is cut-off by shutting the eyes or being in complete darkness, perception is aligned to gaze upon the imagery that the third eye (Oil of Gold) has in sight. Strengthening this interior and exterior vision allows you to become more aware of your physical world and sensitive to the divine consciousness flowing into and through your body.  

This area is where we connect to the mental plane of our existence. Our ideas, dreams, goals, values, and self-image all begin here. It is through our thoughts that we express ourselves, and it is from our thoughts that we are able to make our dreams a reality. Associated with inner perception and an understanding that all events in life happen for a reason and are reflections of our manifestations, the Oil of Silver can help the individual to take responsibility for all forms of thought, and subsequent speech.

Silver sheds light on our mental adaptability and acceptance to change. Considered the command center, issues of thought and intellect are strongly linked to this area.

Spiritually, the Oil of Silver works to heighten and refine awareness. Not only awareness of our exterior environment, but to our interior environment as well, as stated above. When the sight of both of these planes is clear, intuition is strengthened and your “vision” is expanded. With inner perception eloquently balanced, your dreams, goals, and ideas become easier to perceive and then expressed with the help of the energies centered in the throat. Unclouded vision of the self also provides you with a better platform for creating self-image. Users of this oil have reported an increase in dream activity, clarity, and recall. Intuitive “knowing” and inner guidance are also attributed with the use of this oil.

When fully opened the individual can see their life’s purpose from an expanded view. Trusting in the processes of life, consciousness and heightened awareness are greatly expanded with a balanced brow chakra.
Balanced Energy Center:
Good intuition and imagination. Inner vision. Intellect. Able to see your lives purpose with an expanded view. Awareness. Universal knowledge. Understanding that your are the creator in your reality. Higher state of consciousness. Increased memory.

Overactive Energy Center:
Stress. Frequent headaches. Delusional. Fantasize on things that may not be real or ever happen. Unsympathetic. Over-Intellectual. Hallucinations. Living in a world of fantasy.

Under-active Energy Center:
Difficulty understanding the spiritual side of things. Disconnect between inner and outer reality. lack of empathy. Lack of common sense. Lack of intuition. Bad memory. Trouble learning. Can’t think for yourself. Reliance on authority. Easily confused.

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