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Pink Aventurine Towers

Pink Aventurine Towers

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Pink Aventurine is a guardian and compassionate guide who helps to tend to our emotional wounds. Whether it was your inner child who suffered most profoundly, or your romantic partners have dished the the most crushing blows, this strong and capable crystal is up to the task of healing traumas of the Heart. Pink Aventurine promotes healthy, synergistic relationships, empathy, and forgiveness so that we may more fully connect with ourselves and others.

It’s giving your favorite childhood babysitter; your beloved 3rd-grade teacher who wiped your tears at recess; your most trusted confidant who both wholeheartedly supports you and gently challenges you when it’s necessary.

Mica inclusions impart a delicate sparkle, while hematite and goethite give this healer its signature pink pigment. 

This Earth & Fire combo is here to do the very most for your relational healing. Let her.


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