Practices for Creativity 7/9

Sunday, July 9

5 - 7 PM

By Everyday Magic

$ 20.00 

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Join Carley McCready and Josephine McRobbie for this workshop on movement and breath practices to release fear and hone and develop your creative voice. Whether you're an artist, musician, dancer, or someone looking to infuse your everyday life with creativity, this workshop will give you body, mind, and soul tools to connect with and express your own unique voice and imagination. Carley will guide the group in movement practices, while Josephine will devote a section to breathwork and meditation.

Carley is a dancer, record slinger at Carolina Soul, and sometimes DJ. Her interests lie in movement and feeling, though not always in that order.

Josephine is a yoga and breathwork teacher with a long history as a musician in rock'n'roll bands (Tammar, Thee Tsunamis, Silver Sedans, more than a few Neil Young and Velvet Underground cover bands) and as a live film accompanist. You can find her at @grapefruityoga on Instagram.

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