Purification Incense

By Empress Herbs

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  • Purification Incense
  • Purification Incense

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An earthy blend of healing and exotic aromas to purify and cleanse ritual space. Frankincense has been used in ritual for thousands of years and has a strong effect on consciousness.  It promotes calm, tranquil states and helps overcome anxiety.  Using this incense before ritual acts as a cue to the body/mind that it is time to let go of the day’s mental baggage and focus on spiritual matters instead. 

Infused with Reiki and blessed with the intention of the highest good for the person burning it. Finely ground Cedar, Frankincense, and Rosemary are mixed with the Patchouli Essential Oil and Jasmine Absolute.

1 oz of incense. Packaged in a reusable tin.

Burn a small amount over charcoal in a heat resistant container.


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