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Pyrite Cubes

Pyrite Cubes

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For hustlers, emperors, and bests in show. This glossy golden gem is sourced from Italy, Spain, and Peru, where for centuries it attracted attention as a master of manifestation.

Pyrite’s cubic crystal growth pattern embodies this stone’s power to ground and organize. Pyrite is a stone of progress, and is ideal for those times when we’re blown off-course by exhaustion, apathy, or negative influences. In these situations, Pyrite forges new paths for us that we can follow to success and self-mastery. Pyrite awakens the solar plexus chakra, gifting us with momentum and willpower when embarking on new projects. This stone is also useful for creative endeavors, as it teaches us that true resilience is less about white-knuckling than it is adaptability; Pyrite preaches “Work smart, not hard.” Pyrite gives us the courage to let go of plans that aren’t working for us, and encourages us to shift our energy towards ambitions that make better use of our talents and our passions.


Hold Pyrite during meditation, paying close attention to its weight and structure, or place over the solar plexus chakra when curating a crystal body layout.

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