Rare Elmwood Calcite Cluster

By Everyday Magic

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  • Rare Elmwood Calcite Cluster
  • Rare Elmwood Calcite Cluster

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A rare cluster of Stellar Beam Calcite from the “gem pocket” of the infamous Elmwood Mine in Carthage, TN. 

Boasting some of the worlds most ornate Calcite and Fluorite specimens, the Elmwood Mine is under high surveillance. Miners bringing these crystals out of the mine, instead of zinc (the mine’s current purpose,) is considered a grave offense, resulting in loss of pay and even their license to mine. Many of the pieces on the market have quite literally been smuggled out in lunchboxes, stuffed into pockets and utility bags. This element of secrecy surrounds these refugee stones and in addition to their delicate structures and extremely precise formations, they make for prized collectors pieces as well as potent healing tools. Elmwood crystals are energetically dedicated to the fight for freedom and liberation, inspiring the human spirit to evolution and deep, profound understanding of the individual, yet universal experience. 

This piece is around a foot in length and weighs approximately 5 lbs. 

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