Raw Blue Lace Agate

By Everyday Magic

$ 80.00 

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For gentle warriors, angels, and dark horses. Found at the ceremonial sites of Neolithic peoples and in ancient Egypt, India, and Germany, agates have been used in ritual for millennia. The Blue Lace variety helps us find our voice in a noisy world.

This is a beautiful stone for when we need to speak with honesty, poise, and clarity. Blue Lace Agate works with the throat chakra to deliver belief without bravado: because it vibrates at a lower frequency than most other confidence-boosting gems, it’s a gentle motivator. Sometimes we need the lightning to strike and the tower to fall so that we can see our Truth; other times, those fireworks can send us running further into the darkness of self-doubt. Blue Lace Agate is a slow-burner. This stone is a great choice for quiet, enduring confidence.

Each of our Blue Lace Agates is a frothy sea of grace. Massage a palm stone while you meditate on affirmations, or keep one in your pocket when you need to say what’s on your mind and in your heart.

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