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Smoky Quartz Gems

Smoky Quartz Gems

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For hermits, organizers, and space cadets. Smoky Quartz is found in almost every country on earth. Its hue ranges from dust to deep chocolate, evoking its deep connection with earth energy and its supreme grounding powers.

Each Smoky Quartz point is a little lightning rod, drawing energy from the universe and sending it earthward. Smoky Quartz is a cardinal companion for high vibrating crystals such as Amethyst and Kyanite: enhancing memory and manifestation, Smoky Quartz transmutes ethereal vibrations into earth plane action. Smoky Quartz’s absorptive properties are especially useful when working with those spirits and ethereal beings that sometimes forget how overwhelming their energy can be to humans. Centering and grounding is crucial for inner work, but Smoky Quartz is also incredibly useful for mundane tasks. A practical stone, Smoky Quartz awakens our inner Hermoine Granger when we need to be on time, focused, and orderly. 


Hold Smoky Quartz when you’re feeling angry and allow the stone to soak up excess vibrations, or keep a piece in your workspace to keep your projects on time and under budget.

A note on care: Smoky Quartz is photosensitive. While exposure to sunlight won’t affect this stone’s metaphysical power, it can alter or lighten its color. Consider cleansing and ritual practices that don’t involve prolonged periods of direct sunlight.

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