Tarot of the Holy Spectrum

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Created by Chase Voorhees, the Tarot of the Holy Spectrum is a visual delight intended to provide a cohesive color language to inspire and bring life to the archetypes. 

From the creator: 

"I decided pretty early on that each suit of The Minor Arcana would be a complete color spectrum. The Court Cards would be monochromatic, and The Major Arcana would feature black and white imagery with a single highlighted color, determined by the particular card’s number. 

The Fool is the only card to feature every color in the form of a spectrum. ∞

In the creation of the deck, I was inspired by the imagery of the Smith Rider Waite, and the work of Lindsay Mack, founder of Tarot for the Wild Soul, whose teachings served as a foundation for many of the visuals in the cards. Ultimately, the art in the finished deck is a blend of the inspirations mentioned above, and my own intuitively guided interpretations of the archetypes."

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