Tarot Readings with Devon Pelto 9/16

Saturday, September 16

11 AM - 7 PM

By Everyday Magic

$ 30.00 

  • Tarot Readings with Devon Pelto 9/16
  • Tarot Readings with Devon Pelto 9/16

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On Saturday, September 16, come to Everyday Magic for an inspiring 20-minute Tarot Reading by Devon Pelto!

We connect to the Universe in a direct and personal way to bring clarity to any question or part of our life that may feel confusing, scary and muddled. The cards can also confirm and validate any joys you are celebrating! Devon will help you formulate your question for your highest benefit and clearly interpret each of your cards in a way that leaves you feeling inspired to move forward and gives you practical steps towards your goals. Not sure what to ask? She can give you an overview of where you are in the moment on a deeper level that will shine some light on your emotions and manifestations. Just bring your open heart and she takes care of the rest!

Devon Pelto is an intuitive tarot reader, yoga teacher, and Reiki Master/Teacher. As an empath and mother, she is able to truly feel through the heart of others to interpret the message they need to hear for transformation. Her playfulness and down to earth vibe balances out her ability to dive deep into the core roots of the subconscious inspiring people to holistically heal and become more self-empowered. She uses tarot to converse with Spirit/Higher Self and access subconscious thoughts and beliefs that determine how life unfolds. This insight allows us to more fully heal ourselves and more consciously manifest our dreams. Through yoga and energy medicine she is able to balance body and mind allowing full access to your spiritual nature. Devon brings all these modalities together for full body, mind and spirit wellness! She also enjoys frolicking along the Eno River and singing kirtan with her son Link. Come see her to experience her full energy!


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