Tarot Readings with Megan - 11/16

By Everyday Magic

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Hi, I’m Megan.

An intuitive empath, psychic, and tarot reader.

Tarot found me in 2013, after my Grandmother passed away. I was compelled to buy my first deck even though I had no idea what the hell the Tarot even was? Information was not as accessible then and I was quickly discouraged by the information I did find. I was nothing like the tarot readers I saw on my screen, so I put my deck away.

In April 2018, I was watching an Instagram story and I saw a book titled, WTF is Tarot? by Bakara Wintner. I immediately purchased the book and found my deck! When it arrived, I stayed up all night doing readings and learning the cards. There was a deep connection that couldn’t be explained. I continued to dabble but it wasn’t until my wife left me unexpectedly, in September 2018, that my relationship with the Tarot really blossomed. I was constantly triggered and the Tarot allowed me to be present through my grief and complex PTSD. I would sit for hours trying to understand what the cards were saying and for that moment, my anxiety would diminish.

I completed Lindsay Mack's, Tarot for the Wild Soul, a soul centered Tarot immersion in May 2019. I practice Soul Tarot because so much information on Tarot today is outdated and binary, and those meanings do not resonate with me. Tarot is all inclusive and should be accessible to everyone.