The Doors

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The seventh installment from the collaboration of Everyday Magic & Fortuna Major Co.

THE DOORS takes us to that point that is both the beginning and the end, birth and death. Enter the bright white tunnel smelling of alpine snow and evergreens, with just a hint of Iodoform- the classic “hospital smell”, to truly capture the olfactory nature of the threshold between realms. For those who dare to brave the void. 



  • Coconut Wax Blend, cottonwood wick
  • 16 oz (473ml) recycled glass, 3.15 wide, 5.63 in tall
  • Fragrances are a blend of natural & synthetic fragrances and essential oils
  • Please recycle the jar after use for everything from plant pots to holding your teas and coffee beans, etc.
The Doors

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