Medium Tiger's Eye Sphere

By Everyday Magic

$ 14.00 

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For arbiters, paladins, and desert breezes. Tiger's Eye is a chatoyant golden member of the quartz family commonly found in South Africa. This stone works with our lower chakras to whet our intellect and kindle our inner flames.

Tiger Eye's is a stone of choice—making choices, following through with choices, and convincing others to support those choices. Meditating with Tiger Eye's brings us to a plane of ultimate security and compassion; when we understand love to be unconditional, we’re no longer motivated by insecurity or fear, and we become more effective decision makers. Tiger Eye's works with the root chakra to instill in us this feeling of unconditional love. Harmonizing with the sacral and solar plexus chakras, Tiger Eye's empowers us to take action on the earth plane in order to see our plans through. Tiger Eye’s ability to show us truth without judgment makes this an excellent stone for mediators or anyone who has difficulty making decisions.

Bring Tiger Eye's with you when you need to be fair and critical, or meditate with Tiger Eye's if you’re in need of a confidence boost.

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