Trinity Tarot

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  • Trinity Tarot
  • Trinity Tarot
  • Trinity Tarot

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The 2nd Edition of Trinity Tarot! A plastic free, square indie tarot deck designed and illustrated by Ari Wisner  (@ari_wisner) based in the UK.

The concise and elegant illustrations combine the traditional symbols and themes of the Rider Waite Tarot deck with new imagery and interpretations to tap into your intuition. The deck includes a full set of 22 major arcana, 56 minor arcana and brief prompts for each card.

The Trinity Tarot is a tool to ignite your intuition. Use the cards to self-reflect, aid meditation, make decisions and improve your intuition. Each deck includes a prompt sheet to get you started - but a multitude of interpretations and ideas are available online. There is no one way to read your cards - the aim is to prompt thought and tap into your inner voice!

Re-imagined the court cards with gender neutral titles:
~ The Crown (The King)
~ The Keeper (The Queen)
~ The Champion (Knight)
~ The Apprentice (The Page)

The cards are printed on lovely 310gsm playing card stock - which is recyclable and used a water based varnish, making it plastic-free! Presented in a compact matte 350gsm tuck box with an insert of card prompts. The square cards are 76x76mm (the width of a standard tarot card).

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