Twilight Body + Spirit Nectar

By Mother Mountain Herbs

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  • Twilight Body + Spirit Nectar
  • Twilight Body + Spirit Nectar
  • Twilight Body + Spirit Nectar

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A refreshing energetic mist inspired by the magic of the in-between, when the day shifts to darkness and everything is bathed in lilac tinted light. Twilight Spirit Mist is a holy offering to the soul, transmitted through the skin and permeable energies surrounding the body. Butterfly pea blossoms, tulsi hydrosol, and sacred datura flower essence help to form a bridge between reality and the worlds beyond. Datura is a potent ally for assistance with facing darkness, guiding us through shadow work, or helping us to hold space for others doing the same.

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Mist yourself and the space around you whenever you need skin or energetic refreshment. Works wonderful as a toner, too.

Ingredients: USA artisan distilled tulsi hydrosol, Florida grown Butterfly Pea Flower, Datura flower essence (contains no active constituents of the plant). Also contains a small amount of alcohol for preservation. Does not smell like alcohol and is not drying to the skin.

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