Zambian Citrine Sprinkles

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For comets, CEO's, and golden children. Hailing from countries as diverse as Scotland and Madagascar, natural Citrine’s lemony glow emits vibrations of energy, confidence, and ingenuity.

Citrine is a creative powerhouse. When our lives feel stifling, stagnant, or bland- Citrine kicks down doors to new dimensions of being. This stone has a strong connection to the solar plexus chakra, our seat of agency, motivation, and will. As we learn to master our intuitive powers, it is common to feel burnt out; basic but necessary practices like reading metaphysical texts, grounding, and cleansing can seem like busywork when we’re eager to charge forward and change the world. Citrine reminds us that creativity is just as important as rote memorization of spells and formulas. This stone encourages us to play with magic and protects us from moving too fast into uncharted territory. Additionally, Citrine’s powers of manifestation make this an excellent stone to keep at your place of work or wherever you might need a little extra earth-plane action.

Keep Citrine near your desk or register to increase cash flow, or meditate with Citrine when you’re feeling uninspired.

A note on care: Citrine is photosensitive. While exposure to sunlight won’t affect this stone’s metaphysical power, it can alter or lighten its color. Consider cleansing and ritual practices that don’t involve prolonged periods of direct sunlight. (Additionally, Citrine is a natural self-cleansing stone that needs very little maintenance.)

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