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our process

After almost a decade in the industry, we are so proud of and obsessed with our crystal vendors. 

We work with wholesalers from around the world whose wares span the globe. A husband and wife team in Colorado who create pendants of the literal moon. A third generation gem seller who is largely responsible for our incredible prices. Our honorary Afghan dad who feeds our large group at every gem show, and whose daughter is now one of my best friends. A family residing within spitting distance of the infamous Elmwood mine who shares our passion for this unique and powerful material. A pair of brothers in Jalisco, Mexico who source and hand carve rainbow obsidian into the likeness of The Divine Mother. A legendary vendor of Madagascan gems who has been helping us since before we even opened. 

I have found in these people lifelong friends and deep soul family, with crystals the least of the treasure they have brought into my life. I am forever grateful that our love of these stones brought us together, and honored to put forward these masterpieces made by the earth and cherished by their guardians as they find their way home to you. 

While we have a solid foundation for sourcing crystals, there is nothing more exciting than discovering something new. Catch us at gem shows several times a year sourcing the best of the best material for our live sales and website.

While there is no ethical consumption under capitalism, we follow a rigorous screening process in our sourcing to ensure the fairest possible methods were practiced in the extraction and handling of these materials.