Visions in the Liminal Space

A Scorpio and a Virgo walk into a haunted house, perform an exorcism, and in the rubble of what still stood were the whispers of what was meant to be the next chapter of their collaborative journey. Visions in the Liminal Space was created by Bakara Wintner & Kaylee Christenson and is the product of their adventures in mirror realms, shadow selves and backrooms.

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Wayhome Tarot

The lovechild of two November 9th Scorpios, Autumn Whitehurst and Bakara Wintner, Wayhome Tarot takes no prisoners and looks pretty doing it. The bright, colorful imagery of this deck was inspired by the magic of the natural world, omitting human forms except in silhouette. A tool and an offering for the traveller searching for their Way Home. 

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