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Forest fairy epidote from our friends in Turkey.

DC fieldtrip

AUG 9-11, 2024

Join us for a summer coven slumber party and trip to the Smithsonian's crystal exhibit!

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wayhome tarot

The lovechild of two November 9th Scorpios Autumn Whitehurst and Bakara Wintner, Wayhome Tarot takes no prisoners and looks pretty doing it. The bright, colorful imagery of this deck was inspired by the magic of the natural world, omitting human forms except in silhouette. A tool and an offering for the traveler searching for their Way Home.

visions in the liminal space

Seasoned travelers of the mirror realms, shadow selves and backrooms, Bakara Wintner and Kaylee Christenson ventured into the void to bring these messages back to the land of the living. A continuation of their studies of liminality, Visions in the Liminal Space is a strange and tender creation meant to accompany those in the in-between, to illuminate the invisible, and articulate the unspoken. Welcome to the Liminal Space.


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Essentials in any cartomancer’s compendium, Wayhome Tarot and Visons in the Liminal Space Oracle Deck are the co-creations of Bakara Wintner, the owner of Everyday Magic and author of WTF is Tarot?... and How do I do It? We are proud to put forth these two vastly different but entirely complementary vibes for consideration in your shop.